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Alex Tew

Born on June 8, 1984, Alex Tew stands as both the Co-Founder and CEO of the esteemed billion-dollar enterprise, “Calm.” Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Calm specializes in software-based solutions, offering a wide array of meditation products, ranging from guided meditations to Sleep Stories. Additionally, Alex Tew is recognized as the visionary founder behind the Million Dollar Homepage, showcasing his entrepreneurial prowess. As of the year 2023, Alex Tew’s age is 39 years.

Alex Tew Family and Early Life 

  • Alex Tew’s Background

Explore the roots of Alex Tew, who hails from England and completed his high school education in Wiltshire in 2002. Unconventional from the start, he ventured into a beatboxing career and simultaneously launched, an online platform for beatboxing enthusiasts to share their skills and knowledge.

  • University Years 

Follow Alex’s journey as he enrolled at the University of Nottingham in 2005, pursuing a BA in Business Management. However, driven by financial concerns, he made the bold decision to drop out of college in 2006 to embark on his entrepreneurial path.

Alex Tew Career

  • The Genesis of Calm 

In 2012, Alex Tew embarked on a transformative career chapter by co-founding Calm, a software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Calm quickly emerged as a prominent player in the world of mental well-being, offering an array of meditation products designed to promote relaxation and stress relief. 

Under Alex’s leadership, Calm gained widespread recognition for its innovative solutions, including guided meditations and Sleep Stories, catering to individuals seeking tranquility in their fast-paced lives.

  • Venturing Beyond Calm 

entrepreneurial spirit extended beyond the serene realms of Calm. In 2008, he ventured into the digital landscape with PopJam, an online news aggregation platform that enabled users to discover and share humorous and engaging content. Although PopJam eventually closed its chapter in 2011, it highlighted Alex’s appetite for innovation and exploration.

  • Pixelotto and Innovative Ventures 

In 2006, Alex Tew embarked on yet another entrepreneurial endeavor with Pixelotto, a unique website that allows advertisers to purchase and display graphics on a vast grid image. 

While Pixelotto closed its doors in 2015, it served as a testament to Alex’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional advertising and online ventures.

  • The Million Dollar Homepage

Rewinding to 2005, a pivotal year in Alex Tew’s career, he devised a groundbreaking solution to fund his university education. The creation of the “Million Dollar Homepage” made waves in the online world. It featured a grid of one million pixels, each available for purchase at one dollar per pixel in 10×10 blocks. The pixel purchasers had the privilege of displaying their small images, ultimately contributing to the pixelated mosaic. 

Within a mere four months, this audacious project fulfilled its goal, generating one million dollars and catapulting Alex Tew into millionaire status at the tender age of 21.

Investments and Beyond

  • Diverse Investment Ventures 

Alex Tew demonstrated his financial acumen by investing in several ventures, including Pixelotto and PopJam. His willingness to explore different opportunities and industries underscored his adaptability and strategic vision.

  • Monkey Inferno 

During a stint as a Product Manager at Monkey Inferno, a San Francisco-based entity, Alex Tew expanded his professional horizons. His role at Monkey Inferno allowed him to gain valuable insights and experience in the tech ecosystem.

Personal Life

  • Current Residence

Find out where Alex Tew calls home today—he currently resides in San Francisco, the hub of technological innovation.

  • Marital Status 

Get to know the personal side of him. As of now, he remains unmarried, fully dedicated to his role as the CEO and Co-Founder of Calm.

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Born on June 8, 1984, Alex Tew is currently 39 years old.

Height and Weight

He stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 65 kilograms. With dark brown hair and striking blue eyes, he’s a distinct figure in the tech world.

Alex Tew Net Worth

Valuation of Calm According to CNBC, Calm is valued at a staggering $1 billion, solidifying its position as a tech giant in the industry. Alex Tew’s Net Worth Gain insights into Alex Tew’s financial success. His approximate net worth stands at an impressive $100 million.


Full NameAlex Tew
Born8 June 1984
Age (As of 2023)39 years
HometownWiltshire, England
Current PositionCo-Founder & CEO of Calm
Company, Pixelotto, Popjam, & Calm
Current CitySan Francisco Bay Area
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Alma MaterUniversity of Nottingham
Height5’5 Feet
Weight (Approx)65kg
Hair ColorBrown-Black
Marital StatusMarried


In conclusion, Alex Tew’s journey from a student with financial concerns to a visionary entrepreneur and the CEO of a billion-dollar company is nothing short of remarkable. His innovative ideas and commitment to success have left an indelible mark on the tech and entrepreneurial landscape.

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