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Garrett Gee

Garrett Gee, an accomplished entrepreneur renowned as the brains behind Scan Inc., has carved a multifaceted identity for himself. He’s not just a tech guru but also an adventure journalist, a captivating public speaker, a dedicated athlete, and a creative designer. Above all, he’s a loving family man who left an indelible mark on the tech world in 2015 when he clinched a deal to sell his Scan app to Snapchat for a staggering $54 million. Born on November 6, 1989, in Provo, Utah, as we embark on 2023, this tech visionary now stands at the age of 34.

Garrett Gee Early Life and Family 

Garrett Gee’s early life was marked by significant challenges as his parents separated when he was just nine years old. This pivotal event set the stage for his unique journey.

  • Early Schooling
    Garrett Gee’s educational journey began in his formative years. He attended school in Utah, setting the foundation for his academic pursuits.
  • Collegiate Experience
    While he embarked on the path of higher education, Garrett enrolled at Brigham Young University, where he pursued his studies. However, his collegiate journey took an unconventional turn.
  • A Shift in Focus
    Rather than completing his formal education, Garrett Gee chose to divert his attention and energy towards a different and remarkable course in life, one that would eventually lead him to create a technological sensation and carve his name in the annals of entrepreneurship.
  • Dual Residences

As a result of his parents’ separation, Garrett split his time between his high school life in Utah with his father and periods spent in California with his mother. This dual upbringing shapes his perspective and resilience.

  • Missionary Work and Meeting Jessica

It was during Garrett’s service as an LDS missionary in Russia that he encountered his life partner, Jessica. Both were on missions in Vladivostok, Russia, and this fateful meeting would change the course of their lives.

  • Building a Family

Garrett and Jessica’s connection deepened, leading to their marriage in 2009. Their family grew, and they became proud parents of three children: Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan.

  • A Bold Family Adventure

In a bold move, the Gee family decided to embark on a remarkable journey that involved selling nearly all their possessions. This adventure led to the sale of the Scan App to Snapchat for a substantial $54 million, marking a pivotal moment in Garrett’s life.

  • Gee’s Siblings and Stepmother

Garrett Gee is also part of a larger family. He has one brother and four sisters, as well as a stepmother. Family bonds play a significant role in his life, both in his personal and professional journey.

Garrett Gee Career

  • The Smartphone Revelation

Garrett Gee’s unconventional journey into the world of technology began in 2009 when he acquired his first smartphone. Little did he know that this device would spark a remarkable career.

  • Quest for a Better App

After downloading an app designed to scan UPC barcodes on retail products and finding it lacking, Garrett deleted it. Frustrated by the lack of better alternatives, he embarked on a quest to create his own solution.

  • Birth of the Scan App

With determination and a creative spark, Garrett developed the Mobile QR & Barcode Scanner App, christened “Scan.” This intuitive app was designed to meet the needs he saw in the market.

  • Founding Scan Inc.

The success of the Scan app led to the formation of Scan Inc. Garrett collaborated with his classmate, Ben Turley, and Kirk Ouimet to bring this vision to life. At this time, Garrett was still a student at Brigham Young University.

  • Evolving Roles

In 2011, Garrett Gee, Kirk Ouimet, and Ben Turley officially established Scan Inc., with Garrett taking the reins as the CEO, Ouimet as the COO, and Turley as the CTO. Their collective efforts would propel Scan to new heights.

  • Raising Capital and Enhancements

Over two years, the team raised a substantial $8 million in funding. They continuously improved the app, responding to consumer demands and enhancing its features.

  • Achieving Milestones

By 2012, Scan had been downloaded over 25 million times, and it was processing an astounding 27 million regular monthly scans. The app’s impact on the market was undeniable.

  • A Monumental Deal

In a game-changing move, Garrett Gee, along with Ouimet and Turley, made history in December 2014 by selling the Scan app to Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, for an astonishing $54 million. This transaction was fueled by the app’s monthly revenue, which had soared to $60,000.

  • A New Horizon

In the wake of this significant achievement, Garrett Gee’s entrepreneurial journey continues as he delves into the development of a new app. His passion for innovation and creation remains undiminished, promising more to come in the world of technology.

Personal Preferences

Garrett Gee’s passion for life can be succinctly described in one word: “CREATION.” He finds immense joy in designing, creating businesses, forging ventures, nurturing relationships, developing products, crafting websites, fostering harmony, conceiving ideas, formulating theories, coining quotes, creating images, composing music, choreographing dance, shaping fashion, orchestrating events, and delivering surprises. His zest for life lies in dreaming big and rising early.


When it comes to leisure, Gee has a profound love for sports. Soccer, in particular, holds a special place in his heart. He even captained the Soccer Team at Brigham Young University. Apart from soccer, he relishes sailing, snowboarding, basketball, and cycling.

Current Residence

After an awe-inspiring journey that saw him traverse more than 60 countries, Garret Gee and his family finally found a place to call home on Hawaii Island.

Social Media Presence

You can connect with Garrett Gee through various social media platforms:

Garrett Gee Age

As of 2023, Garrett Gee has reached the age of 34, bringing with it a wealth of experience and accomplishments that belie his relatively young years.


Garrett Gee possesses a height of 5 feet 9 inches, a stature that has undoubtedly contributed to his dynamic presence in both his personal and professional life.


Maintaining a weight of approximately 70 kilograms, Garrett Gee’s physical well-being aligns with his active and adventurous lifestyle.

Garrett Gee Net Worth

Garrett Gee’s journey has not only been marked by innovation and entrepreneurship but has also been financially rewarding. His net worth has reached an impressive sum of $30 million, a testament to his exceptional career and business acumen.


NameGarrett Gee
Born/Date of Birth6 November 1989
Age (As on 2023)34 Years
HometownProvo, Utah
OccupationEntrepreneur, Athelete, Speaker
Current CityHawai, United States
Zodiac Sign/Sun SignScorpio
Food HabitVegetarian
Eye ColorDark Black
Hair ColorBlack
Marital StatusMarried


Garrett Gee’s life is a testament to the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and daring to dream. From humble beginnings to technological stardom, his journey is an inspiration to all. His commitment to creation, love for family, and passion for adventure make him a unique figure in the tech world. As he continues to shape the future with his endeavors, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the remarkable story of Garrett Gee.

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