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Priyanka Bharali

Priyanka Bharali, born on October 10, 1988, hails from Jorhat, Assam, and has carved her name as a renowned Indian playback singer in the vibrant world of Jollywood. Best known for her enchanting voice, Priyanka Bharali was honored with the Bhupen Hazarika Award in 2013, marking the beginning of a stellar career that commenced in 2008. 

Her debut into the music scene was with the song “Kahili Puwate Janoi” in the album “Jaanmoni ” (2009) under the banner of ‘NK Production Films,’ featuring the illustrious Zubeen Garg. However, Priyanka catapulted to fame when she lent her melodious voice to the beloved track, ‘Sesa Pori Jabo Nidiba,’ in the album “Lakhimi ” alongside Babu Baruah. As of 2023, Priyanka Bharali is 35 years old, and her musical journey continues to captivate audiences far and wide.

Priyanka Bharali Early Life and Education

Priyanka Bharali’s journey into the world of music was profoundly influenced by her early life and educational endeavors. Born on October 10, 1988, in Jorhat, Assam, Priyanka’s childhood was marked by an unrelenting passion for the arts, particularly music and dance. Despite having no familial ties to the music industry, she exhibited a remarkable dedication to her artistic ambitions from a very young age.

  • Musical Education

To fund her music education and nurture her talents, Priyanka resorted to providing tuition classes, showcasing her remarkable determination. This early investment in her musical skills laid the foundation for her future success.

Priyanka’s initial music mentor was Manish Bordoloi, a figure of considerable influence in her early life. Her commitment to her craft led her to further guidance from esteemed teachers such as Dr. Pradeep Baruah, Menu Baruah, and Mihir Bezbaruah, all of whom played significant roles in shaping her burgeoning talent. Additionally, she delved into the world of dance under the guidance of Ashok Bordoloi, further enriching her artistic repertoire.

Priyanka Bharali Career

  • Emerging on the Musical Scene

The pivotal moments in Priyanka Bharali’s career began to unfold, setting her on the path to becoming a prominent figure in the Assamese music industry.

  • Collaboration with Diganta Bordoloi

A defining moment in Priyanka’s journey occurred when she crossed paths with Diganta Bordoloi, a mentor who would significantly influence her career trajectory. Under his guidance, Priyanka ventured into the professional music scene, marking a significant turning point in her artistic journey.

  • Debut Song with Zubeen Garg

In 2008, Priyanka’s musical journey gained momentum with her debut song, “Kahili Puwate Janoi,” in the album “Jaanmoni (2009).” This track, performed in collaboration with the illustrious Zubeen Garg, introduced her to the world of professional singing, setting the stage for her subsequent accomplishments.

  • Rising Fame with Collaborations

Building on her initial success, Priyanka Bharali forged ahead in the music industry, making a name for herself through her compelling collaborations with other renowned artists.

  • Notable Hits with Babu Baruah

One of the defining moments in Priyanka’s career was her collaboration with Babu Baruah, which resulted in the creation of popular songs like “Sesa Pori Jabo Nidiba” and “ABCED mane ki?” featured in the album “Lakhimi.” These tracks not only showcased her vocal prowess but also solidified her reputation as a noteworthy artist in the Assamese music scene.

As her career continued to flourish, Priyanka Bharali’s contributions extended to numerous other successful and chart-topping songs in the Assamese film industry. Her journey from a passionate, music-loving child to a celebrated playback singer stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and exceptional talent.

Personal Life

Priyanka Bharali’s husband, Jayanta Kakati, is a DJ and musician with prior experience in Mumbai and Bangalore. He plays a crucial role in Priyanka’s music production and cultural engagements. The singer faced a personal loss in 2008 when her father, Sunit Kr Bharali, passed away. Priyanka resides in Guwahati with her husband, and her family includes her mother, sister, and a close relative.

Music Albums and Notable Songs

  • Ranangan (2012)
  • Rahedoi (2014)
  • Rohedoi Vol II (2015)
  • Motoliya Fagun (2015)
  • Taxi Gari (2016)
  • Babur Gaan (2016)
  • Nangseng (2016)
  • Rohedoi Vol III (2017)
  • Kuli (2017)
  • Togor (2018)
  • Sristi (2018)
  • Priyanka (2020)

In addition to her album work, Priyanka has lent her voice to several Mobile Theater productions in Assam, including Hengool Theatre, Abahan, Bhagyadevi, Kohinoor, and Rajmukut, among others.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Gariyashi Awards 2021
  • Aserenga Rodali National Awards 2021
  • Bhupen Hazarika Award 2013

Social Media Presence

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Priyanka Bharali Age

Born on October 10, 1988, Priyanka Bharali has blossomed into a dynamic artist and a prominent figure in the Assamese music industry. As of 2023, she is 35 years old, exuding a timeless charm and continuing to enchant audiences with her melodious voice.

Physical Attributes

Priyanka Bharali possesses unique physical attributes that contribute to her captivating presence. She stands at approximately 5.4 feet, equivalent to around 163 centimeters, and maintains a svelte physique with a weight of 48 kilograms. Her striking appearance is accentuated by her dark, expressive eyes and a flowing mane of equally dark, lustrous hair. These features combine to create her distinctive and alluring look.

Priyanka Bharali Net Worth

Priyanka Bharali performs at cultural events across Assam and throughout India, commanding fees ranging from 2 Lakh INR to 5 Lakh INR.


Full NamePriyanka Bharali
Born10 October 1988
Age (as of 2023)35 years
ProfessionSinger, Dancer
GenrePop, Classical
Famous ForPlayback Singer
Record labelsTimes Music, BOX Music, INRECO, Shopolo Digital, Lilimai Digital Media, AC Multimedia & MORE
Years active2008-present
Home CityJorhat, India
Current CityGuwahati, India
Alma materDolphin Dance Academy, Guwahati.
Sun SignVirgo
Height5.4 Feet
Weight48 Kgs
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorDark
ParentsFather: Sunit Kr Bharali
Mother: Not Known
SpouseJayanta Kakati


In conclusion,Priyanka Bharali’s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From her humble beginnings in Jorhat to becoming a celebrated playback singer in Jollywood, her passion and dedication to music have brought her numerous accolades and a dedicated fan base. As she continues to enchant audiences with her melodious voice, Priyanka Bharali remains an icon in the world of Assamese music.

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