Rahul Gujral (Model), Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Full Biography 2023

Rahul Gujral

Rahul Gujral, widely recognized as a versatile model and independent actor hailing from Delhi, first gained prominence as a contestant in MTV Splitsvilla X2 Season 12, a reality show hosted by the charismatic duo, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh. This charismatic figure, known by various endearing monikers such as Bunny and Mr. Grey, is presently striving to establish himself in the ever-competitive Bollywood film industry, with a youthful age of 26 as of 2023.

Rahul Gujral Early Years and Family Background

Rahul Gujral’s formative years were shaped by an inherent passion for fashion. Born and raised in Delhi, he hailed from a family that instilled a deep appreciation for style and elegance. This familial influence played a significant role in his early foray into the world of fashion and entertainment.

Educational Foundation

In his pursuit of knowledge and self-development, Rahul’s educational journey began at Guru Harkrishan Public School in Delhi. This early academic chapter laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Rahul Gujral Career

Rahul’s journey into the world of modeling and acting commenced as he ventured into uncharted waters. His aspirations and talent guided him to take the crucial step that would eventually lead to his promising career.

Philosophy and Preferences 

Rahul Gujral’s life is guided by a simple yet resolute mantra: “I do not back down from any challenge that stands before me.” His personal preferences include a penchant for smoking and an appreciation for the occasional indulgence in alcoholic beverages. Among his recreational choices, golf emerges as a favorite sport. Additionally, he holds a strong affinity for Nairobi, Kenya, and Taipei City as preferred travel destinations. A connoisseur of South Indian cuisine, he cherishes the flavors of this regional fare.

Social Profiles

Social Media Presence To stay connected with Rahul Gujral, you can follow him on various social media platforms:

Rahul Gujral Age and Birthdate

Rahul Gujral, a young and dynamic figure in the world of fashion and entertainment, was born on October 25, 1997, which coincides with the onset of the digital age. Now, at the age of 26 in 2023, he stands at the cusp of a promising career and personal growth. This date of birth not only marks his chronological age but also signifies a unique moment in history.

Rahul’s journey from a hopeful young individual to a prominent model and actor reflects the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry over the years. As he matures both personally and professionally, the interplay between his age and experiences continues to shape his unique perspective and approach to his craft. His ability to adapt to changing times and trends in the industry is a testament to his versatility and resilience, further solidifying his place in the limelight.

Physical Characteristics

Height and Weight

Rahul stands at an impressive height of approximately 5 feet 10 inches (5’10”) and maintains a healthy weight of around 64 kilograms.


His striking appearance is defined by dark, captivating eyes and a lustrous mane of black hair, attributes that make him both easily recognizable and memorable to those who cross his path.

Rahul Gujral Net Worth

Rahul Gujral’s financial portfolio reflects his growing success in the entertainment industry. With dedication and hard work, he has amassed a substantial net worth, which is estimated to be around 3 crores. This impressive figure underscores his achievements and the promising trajectory of his career. 

As he continues to make his mark in the world of modeling and acting, his net worth serves as a testament to his persistence and the value he brings to the industry. Rahul’s financial prosperity not only reflects his professional accomplishments but also offers a glimpse into the potential for even greater success in the future. It is a testament to his determination and the bright prospects that lie ahead on his journey in the realm of fashion and entertainment.


NameRahul Gujral
Mr. Grey
Born/Date of Birth25 Oct 1997
Age (As on 2023)26 Years
OccupationModel, Actor
Home CityDelhi, India
Zodiac Sign/Sun SignLibra
Height (Approx)5’10”
Weight (Approx)64 Kg
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorBlack
Relationship StatusSingle
Parent(s)Not Known
Language KnownHindi, English, Punjabi


In Conclusion In the grand tapestry of the entertainment world, Rahul Gujral stands as a rising star, diligently pursuing his dreams in the spotlight. His journey from Delhi to the heart of Bollywood and the fashion industry is a testament to his unwavering dedication and determination. With a promising career ahead and a distinct persona, Rahul Gujral continues to capture the imagination of all who encounter him.

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