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Ranu Mondal

Ranu Mondal, also known as Ranu Maria Mandal, is a playback singer and an internet sensation hailing from Ranaghat city in West Bengal. Her journey to fame commenced when a video of her soulful rendition of the legendary Lata Mangeshkar’s “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” at a railway station went viral on social media. This extraordinary talent found her Bollywood debut in the song “Teri Meri Ek Kahani Hai” for the film “Happy Hardy and Heer” (2019). The video of her melodious performance was recorded by Atindra Chakraborty and shared on Facebook. Ranu was born on November 5, 1960, and as of 2023, she is 63 years old.

Ranu Mondal Family and Early Life

Ranu Mondal’s journey through life has been a testament to her unwavering resilience, marked by early adversity and a relentless pursuit of her dreams.

  • Early Challenges 

Ranu Mondal’s early life was marred by tragedy, as she tragically lost her parents, leaving her orphaned at a tender age. Despite these heart-wrenching circumstances, she found solace under the care of her maternal aunt in Ranaghat, Kolkata. It was during this challenging period that young Ranu harbored a fervent dream of becoming a singer, a passion that would shape her future.

  • A Twist of Fate

As fate would have it, Ranu’s life took an unexpected turn when she married Babloo Mondal. The couple decided to embark on a new chapter in Mumbai, in search of livelihood opportunities. In the bustling metropolis, they found employment as domestic workers in the household of the renowned actor Firoz Khan. However, while she toiled away in domestic service, her dreams of a singing career remained dormant.

  • A Heartbreaking Loss

Tragedy struck Ranu’s life once again when her beloved husband, Babloo Mondal, passed away. This devastating loss compelled her to return to the care of her maternal aunt in Ranaghat. It was during this trying phase that she endured a prolonged separation from her daughter, Sathi Roy, who had been married off during her absence. The pain of separation only intensified her desire to reunite with her daughter.

  • Reunion and Resurgence 

After a decade of heartache and separation, fate smiled upon Ranu Mondal once more as she reunited with her beloved daughter, Sathi Roy. This heartwarming reunion marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life, and it was during this time that Ranu’s dormant dreams of singing found a spark once again.

  • Ranu Mondal’s life is a powerful narrative of resilience in the face of adversity, a story that would ultimately lead her to achieve her dreams and capture the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Ranu Mondal Career

  • Resilience Against All Odds

Ranu Mondal’s incredible journey to internet stardom in her 50s is a testament to human resilience and the enduring pursuit of dreams.

  • From Streets to Stardom

Starting with street performances in Kolkata, Ranu’s extraordinary talent caught the world’s attention, leading to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing alongside Bollywood star Himesh Reshammiya.

  • Guest on the Grand Stage

Ranu’s journey continued with an appearance on “Superstar Singer,” where she shared her story of singing for survival, receiving kindness from strangers.

  • Internet Sensation

Ranu Mondal’s captivating talent, initially found on railway platforms, has taken the internet by storm, proving that dreams can be realized at any age.


Ranu Mondal’s journey began on November 5, 1960, within the humble embrace of a Christian household in Ranaghat, West Bengal, India. Her life story stands as a remarkable testament to the power of resilience and determination. As of 2023, she is 63 years old.

Ranu Mondal Height and Weight

Aside from her remarkable singing talent, Ranu Mondal possesses a striking physical presence. She stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 4 inches, carrying her 51-kilogram frame with grace. 


Ranu Mondal’s dark, enchanting eyes perfectly complement her lustrous black hair, leaving an indelible impression of charm and grace wherever she goes.

Ranu Mandal Net Worth 

Ranu Mondal’s estimated net worth is believed to hover around 7 lakh INR, a testament to her astounding talent and the recognition she has received for her musical contributions.This accomplishment has significantly contributed to her estimated net worth, which is believed to hover around 7 lakh INR.


Ranu Mondal’s exceptional singing abilities catapulted her into the limelight when she collaborated with renowned artist Himesh Reshammiya on the song “Teri Meri Kahani Hai.”

A Rising Star

In addition to her collaboration with Himesh Reshammiya, Ranu Mondal’s rise in the music industry has been nothing short of meteoric. Her soul-stirring vocals have captured the hearts of many, earning her a growing fan base and numerous accolades in the world of music.

Personal Life

Despite her newfound fame and success, Ranu Mondal remains deeply rooted in her Christian faith and modest upbringing. Her life story serves as an inspiration to all, showcasing the limitless potential that can be unlocked through sheer determination and talent.

Ranu Mandal Favourite Things:

Favourite Actor: Firoz Khan.

Favorite Singer: Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle.

The Man Behind Ranu Mandal’s Viral Video

A facebook user Atindra Chakrabarty who met Ranu at the Ranaghat train station recoded the song on 1st August 2019 of Ranu.

Ranu Mandal Wiki/Bio

NameRanu Maria Mondal
Date of Birth5 Nov 1960 
Age (As on 2023)63 Years
OccupationStreet Singer, Playback Singer
Famous ForSinging Lata Mangeshkar’s Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai at a railway platform went viral.
Before FamousUsed to Sing at Street and Alms
Home CityRanaghat, West Bengal, India
Current CityMumbai, India
Zodiac/Sun SignScorpio
Height (Approx)5’4″
Weight (Approx)51 Kg
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorBlack
PartnerBabloo Mondal
DaughterSathi Roy

Social Profiles

Instagram @ ranu.mondal

Ranu Mondal has an Instagram account managed by Himesh Rashmiya-

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