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Sunita Kaushik

Sunita Kaushik, a prominent figure in the Assamese film industry, has graced both the small and big screens with her incredible talent. Born on June 10, 1988, in Tezpur, Assam, Sunita Kaushik’s journey from her early days in Assam to her thriving career in the world of entertainment is an inspiring tale of determination and passion.

Sunita Kaushik Family and Early Life

  • Roots in Tezpur, Assam

Sunita Kaushik’s story begins in the picturesque town of Tezpur, nestled in the heart of Assam, India. This region would shape her identity and inspire her journey into the world of entertainment.

  • Parental Bond

She was born to proud parents, Padma Thungana and Yasoda Devi. Their unwavering support and love provided the foundation for her dreams to flourish.

  • Educational Pursuits

Sunita’s early education was marked by diligence and dedication. She completed her schooling at Prajapati HS School, a stepping stone towards her future achievements. Her higher secondary education took place at Tezpur Govt. Girls HS & MP School, which further molded her into a well-rounded individual.

  • Academic Aspirations

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Sunita pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from Central IT College, Guwahati. This was a pivotal moment in her academic journey. Subsequently, she went on to obtain her Master’s degree from the University Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology. Her academic endeavors provided her with a strong educational background that complemented her artistic pursuits.

Sunita Kaushik’s early life in Tezpur, her close-knit family, and her dedication to her education laid the groundwork for her remarkable journey into the world of entertainment.

Personal Life

She shares her life with her husband, Bitupal Goswami, and has a close-knit family, including two younger sisters, with whom she resides. Her parents, Padma Thungana and Yasoda Devi, have played a pivotal role in shaping her life and career.

Sunita Kaushik Career

  • Early Beginnings in BAAN Theater

Sunita Kaushik’s illustrious career can be traced back to her humble beginnings in BAAN Theater, located in her hometown of Tezpur. As a young and aspiring artist, she joined the theater under the guidance of the seasoned director, Arun Nath. This initial experience provided her with a strong foundation in acting and ignited her passion for the world of performing arts.

  • Assamese Music Industry: Modeling and Dancing

Sunita Kaushik’s rise to fame in the Assamese music industry was marked by her multifaceted talents. Not content with merely excelling in acting, she also established herself as an active model and dancer. Her elegant and captivating performances in numerous Assamese Bihu and modern songs earned her recognition and a devoted fan base. Sunita’s contributions to the music industry were not limited to her acting skills alone; her graceful dance moves added an extra layer of charm to her presence.

  • Versatility as a Classical Kathak Dancer

Sunita Kaushik’s versatility as an artist extends beyond her roles in the entertainment industry. She is also an accomplished classical Kathak dancer. This traditional dance form is known for its intricate footwork, expressive gestures, and storytelling through movement. Sunita’s commitment to mastering Kathak showcases her dedication to the performing arts and her willingness to explore diverse artistic avenues.


  • Priyar Priyo” (2017): Sunita Kaushik’s foray into the world of cinema was marked by her role in the 2017 film “Priyar Priyo,” where she delivered a compelling performance, further showcasing her acting prowess and versatility.


  • Mon Series of Zubeen Garg

Video Songs:

  • Tumar Babe” – Zubeen Garg featuring Sunita Kaushik
  • Xubhakamana” – Diju Baruah featuring Sunita Kaushik
  • Soulmate Aai” – Lonishmita Devi featuring Sunita Kaushik
  • Xumbare” – Upasana Choudhury featuring Sunita Kaushik & Subrat

These albums and video songs have contributed to Sunita Kaushik’s recognition in the Assamese music industry and have showcased her talent and captivating presence.

  • Notable Music Video Appearance

In addition to her extensive contributions to the Assamese music scene, She made a memorable appearance in Shaan’s latest music video titled “Issi Ko Pyaar Kehte Hai.” This music video was released on Zee Music Company’s YouTube channel, expanding her reach and captivating a broader audience with her talent.

  • Diverse Portfolio in Advertisements and Song Videos

Sunita Kaushik’s diverse career also includes starring roles in various advertisements and song videos. Her ability to connect with audiences through these visual mediums has added to her recognition and versatility as an artist.

Social Media Profiles

  • Facebook: @sunita.kaushik.5
  • Instagram: @sunitakaushik5
  • Twitter:  @sunitakaushik15

Sunita Kaushik Age

As of the year 2023, Sunita Kaushik is a youthful and vibrant 35-year-old, her journey marked by continuous growth and artistic exploration.

Height and Weight

Sunita Kaushik stands at a graceful height of 5 feet 4 inches and maintains a healthy weight of 50 kilograms. Her striking physical appearance is complemented by her deep, captivating dark eyes and lustrous black hair, enhancing her overall allure and presence.

Sunita Kaushik Net Worth

Sunita Kaushik’s net worth reflects the success and recognition she has achieved throughout her career in the entertainment industry. Her diverse portfolio, which includes acting, modeling, and dancing, has contributed to her financial prosperity, although specific figures remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, her talent and hard work have undoubtedly brought her substantial rewards and success.


Full NameSunita Kaushik
Born10 June 1988 (age 32)
OccupationActor, Model
Famous ForAssamese Tv series serials “Ki Naam Di Matim”, “Anuradha”, etc.
Birth PlaceBorgaon, Thalamara, Tezpur
Current CityGuwahati, India
Alma materUniversity Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology (MCA)
ReligionHinduism (Nepali)
Sun SignGemini
Height5 feet, 4 inches (approx)
Weight50 kgs
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorBlack
ParentsFather- Padma Thungana
Mother- Yasoda Devi
PartnerBitupal Goswami
Siblings2 sisters


In conclusion, Sunita Kaushik’s journey from her early life in Assam to becoming a versatile and celebrated figure in the Assamese entertainment industry is a testament to her dedication and passion for the arts. With her acting skills, dance performances, and numerous song features, she continues to enchant audiences and inspire aspiring talents. Sunita Kaushik remains a prominent name in the world of Assamese entertainment, with a promising future ahead.

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